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Paul Nagle is a late model race car driver from the state of Iowa. Paul puts integrity, vigor, and humility in all he does, but these are not just values Paul encompasses: these values are in the many people who support Paul’s racing.
Fans of Paul’s racing career coined the term Nagle Nation. To outsiders, the phrase may seem like a simple slogan. To those who have followed Paul’s racing career, they understand it is so much more.
Nagle Nation is a community of people wo understand the importance of Iowa values. Those who consider themselves a part of Nagle Nation are people who understand the importance of integrity, vigor, and humility. It is honorable actions, working with passion for what you believe in, and remaining humble even in your proudest moments.  
Without the support of Nagle Nation, Paul’s racing career would be half of what it is today.
If you would like to support Paul’s racing career, consider purchasing Nagle Nation merchandise. Providing fans with merchandise is a way Paul Nagle Racing hopes to bring the many supporters together. Support from family, friends, and the community has been the foundation for Paul’s racing career over the last 19 years. Family, friends, and the community are the backbone of Nagle Nation and they are ultimately who has shaped Paul into who he is today.